Solutions for Climate Change Conference

On April 6, 2019 Fossil Free Fredericksburg held a Solutions  to Climate Change conference at the beautiful University of Mary Washington campus. The unusual aspect of this conference was that it was imagined  and implemented by high school students from four local high schools as well as UMW. Older members of Fossil Free Fredericksburg were there,  too,  and helped the students along the way as they contacted speakers, planned registration and evaluation, and handled the other aspects of putting on a conference.
Based on the suggestions of the students, the presentations included topics such as the Green New Deal, solar energy, facts about global warming and youth activism. The public was invited and approximately 130 people attended.
We are thankful to our sponsors: UMW, the Rappahannock Area Sierra Club and Curitiba Art Cafe.

Did you attend our conference? Please share your thoughts on how it went HERE!


Pedal for the Planet – September 8, 2018

Pedal for the Planet Fredericksburg was held on Saturday September 8th 2018.  It was a family-friendly walk or 5 K bike ride from Old Mill Park around the Fredericksburg’s River Trail and Canal Path.  The event was designed to raise awareness about Fossil Free Fredericksburg:  An initiative to build community support for a City Counsel Resolution to pledge to ensure all electric power supplied to the city come from 100% renewable energy by 2050.  Local speakers consisted of religious leaders, college and high school students.  Their words raised awareness of global warming and the need to support renewable energy.  After the talks, people decorated their bikes, made fossil free-related signs and headed out on the march through the community.